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Janrain Customers Bring Home the Gold

By Gina Rau | Posted on August 15, 2012

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Now that the London 2012 Olympic events have come to an end, the upcoming days will no doubt be focused on the brands and advertisers who participated in the events. Winners and losers will surely be proclaimed, and opinions around brands that offered an experience – as opposed to those who simply executed against their sponsorship package – will be trending topics.

As we look back on the past two weeks of Olympic events, one thing is certain: people everywhere craved information. We passionately wanted to know how our country stacked up in the medal count, whether our favorite athlete won her event, and how our team was performing.

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Thankfully the Internet was flowing with updates, scores and articles on the events that kept us up to date…or motivated us to track down a live stream.

Many of our Janrain customers were part of this information flow, so we wanted to take a few minutes to recognize and congratulate them for helping to make the Games special for us all:


During the games laptops, tablets and smartphones were getting up-to-the-minute details from

When sports fans create an account on their site, they can comment on stories about their favorite athletes and share articles with their friends in social networks or via email.

Since they launched their 2012 Olympic campaign across their site, FoxSports experienced an increase in new accounts created with social login, posts to social networks and referral traffic back to their site.

Visit London

When millions of visitors come to your city over a two-week period of time, there’s a lot of hotel, transit and event information put in high demand. And VisitLondon provided the desired details, and then some.

Through their site, VisitLondon helped visitors make the most of the facilities, venues and events that London has to offer, delivering an experience that will keep tourists coming back time and again.

The National Post

When Canadians visited the National Post’s website, they not only got all the updates, but also had the ability to create public profiles that fostered a sense of community with others who shared their interests. As they commented on articles, they were able to interact with others participating in conversations online.

Janrain is proud to have played a role in supporting the 2012 London Olympic coverage through our great customers mentioned above, and many others such as, The Sun, Newsweek and Runners World with a streamlined way for fans to access and interact with content and the event coverage.

And the countdown to Sochi has begun!

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