Janrain at DEMOgala 2010 – Technologies to Increase Customer Engagement

Janrain presented at DEMOgala 2010

Last week, Janrain spoke at DEMOgala 2010, a conference in Denver, Colorado that featured discussions about mobile applications, software development, web commerce, social media and other technology trends.

We presented about social technologies that increase customer engagement and help online businesses build more profitable relationships with their users, and thought we’d share the slides from our presentation:

In today’s online ecosystem, there is a growing expectation for websites to have a social component and enable features like content or activity sharing and inviting friends.  But registration can be an engagement barrier for many online users who are tired of maintaining separate usernames and passwords at each website they visit.

Social login and sharing technology, through tools such as Janrain Engage, solves this challenge by making it easy for site visitors to quickly register or login with an existing social network account and share their activities (such as comments, purchases or reviews) from a site with friends on multiple social networks.

We enjoyed the discussions about these and other technology trends at DEMOgala.