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Janrain Engage Adds foursquare as a Social Login Provider

By Katie Keenan | Posted on June 02, 2011

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Janrain is excited to announce the addition of the wildly popular location check-in service, foursquare, to our social login provider list. With over 8 million location based users, it would be foolish as a brand marketer to pass up the opportunity to allow these users to easily login to your website and/or mobile app and gain a multitude of information about that user.

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Gain Access to foursquare User Profile Data

As with all of our providers, Janrain Engage allows you to gain access to a user’s profile data once they login with their preferred provider. After a user logs in with foursquare, and grants permission to access their data, you can gain access to information such as their username, gender, photo, email and more. You can see a full list of accessible user profile data here:

foursquare user profile data

How to Add foursquare to Your Social Login Widget

If you are an existing Janrain customer, simply log into your application dashboard, click “Provider Configuration” under “Quick Links” and follow our step-by-step set up guide to configure foursquare. Once configured, the social network can be added to your login widget, mobile application or custom UI with a few mouse-clicks and keystrokes.

Learn More About Janrain Engage

Don’t have Janrain Engage yet? Visit our Janrain Engage product page to learn more about how our solution can help you increase online registration rates and improve user engagement with our social login and sharing tool.

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