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Janrain Engage for Android 1.0 Workshop

By Katie Keenan | Posted on June 02, 2011

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Janrain is getting ready to release version 1.0 of the brand new Engage for Android library which includes an abstract and easy to implement user authentication component, as well as an extremely simple to use social sharing UI. In anticipation of our upcoming release, we’re hosting a fast track introduction workshop for interested Android application developers.

Who might be interested:

Are you an Android app developer? Are you interested in authenticating your users via Google, Facebook and other identity providers? Perhaps you are interested in enabling social sharing – including tweets and wall posts – directly from your app? Save time and effort, and leverage the benefits of our abstract implementation – the Engage for Android library.

What our product does:

The Janrain Engage for Android library provides a system to authenticate Android application users with their existing identity accounts – e.g. Google, Facebook, and Twitter. The library also provides a system to enable your users to share information from your application via their social networking accounts (LinkedIn, Yahoo, Twitter, MySpace and Facebook.)

What our event is:

Janrain is hosting a coding workshop at our downtown office. If you are interested in adding our library to your Android application, we invite you to come! (Please bring your laptop.)

At this workshop we’ll walk through everything an Android application developer needs to implement authentication and social sharing with the Engage for Android library, including:

  • IDE integration,
  • Android project configuration,
  • build system troubleshooting,
  • Engage application creation and configuration,
  • authentication system design (including Engage token URLs!),
  • and social sharing invocation.

When our event is:

Thursday, June 9 2011, starting 5pm.

Where our event is:

The Janrain Office @ 519 SW 3rd Ave, Suite 600, Portland, OR 97204.

Please RSVP to, so we can save you a spot and make sure there is enough food and beer. We are looking forward to a fun filled evening with the Android developer community.

So, please join us for an evening of coding, beer and pizza!

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