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Janrain Engage & Capture Express Bundle: Don’t leave another social profile behind

By Katie Keenan | Posted on January 05, 2011

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In 2010, social media adoption evolved from corporate Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter and LinkedIn presence to becoming an integral part of an organization’s culture. Marketers recognized the need for engaging with their online users and social media provided many tools to do the job. Websites began accepting social logins and offering social sharing to their users.

Social logins made it easy to quickly register users to websites and social sharing generated significant qualified referral traffic, an average of 12 referral clicks per post, back to sites, validating the premise that our friends, family and coworkers – our social graph – wield much influence on our online activities and purchase behaviors.

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By accepting social logins and enabling social sharing, marketers suddenly found themselves with instant access to a wealth of information about a user’s social graph, their hobbies, interests, and demographic data. The next logical step is to use this data for content personalization, user segmentation, and targeting. However, long development cycles involved in redesigning backend databases to store social data and associated infrastructure costs, have kept marketers from taking advantage of this information.

Help has arrived in the form of a powerful combination of Janrain Engage, a turnkey solution for social login and Janrain Capture Express, a comprehensive hosted database for social profile data. Users login with their preferred social account such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn or others via Janrain Engage, grant the website access to their information via a permissions page. Capture Express then automatically stores the profile information on behalf of the website. Profile data can be easily and readily accessed by the website via APIs and used for content personalization, targeting, further mining and analysis.

Finally, marketers can take advantage of social data without the hassle of database redesign initiatives, ongoing maintenance schedules and capital expenditure.

In addition to Capture Express, Janrain Capture comes in two other versions: Standard and Premium. Please visit our plans page to learn more about the features and benefits of each. Also, feel free to check out the video we put together that provides a good overview of Janrain Capture:


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