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Janrain expands global reach with unprecedented number of new data centers

By Jamie Beckland | Posted on January 18, 2017

Janrain expands global reach with unprecedented number of new data centers

As the creator of the Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) category, we continue to lead innovation on behalf of our clients. As global enterprises today seek to capture customer data from geographically dispersed regions, they can confidently rely on Janrain to adhere to all regional regulations for managing customer data.

We’ve had a long history of “firsts” around managing cloud identities across the globe. We were the first CIAM provider to achieve Safe Harbor certification in 2009, first to launch an European Union (EU) data center in 2013, first to manage Chinese citizen profiles behind the Great Firewall in 2015, first to achieve Privacy Shield certification in 2016. Now in 2017, we are proud to be leading the pack by introducing the largest data center footprint of any identity solution!

To further help our clients expand seamlessly, we are announcing the expansion of our global footprint to 41 data centers in 12 regions across the globe to support continued growth of Janrain identity solutions. We now have locations in Canada, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Russia and Singapore, adding to our existing locations in Australia, Brazil, China, Ireland and the United States.

In addition, Janrain is the only CIAM vendor deployed in over 65 countries. And given our longstanding investment in Amazon Web Services (AWS), we can immediately launch new data centers as soon as AWS makes new service regions available. This means we can easily and quickly accommodate growing business needs as they expand into new international markets.

Janrain’s global data centers are easy to deploy and offer flexible customizations making each data center deployment available within weeks, instead of years. Janrain global data centers:

  • Introduce options for businesses to store their customer data in-region resulting in increased performance during data retrieval.
  • Improve customer experience with reduced latency during sign-in and registration.
  • Satisfy pre-arranged business agreements or governmental mandates that require customer data to remain in-country.
  • Enable the customization of data centers, such as building a single tenant infrastructure vs. multi-tenant infrastructure, for businesses that require it.
  • Ensure business continuity by storing customer data in regions that have fewer governmental conflicts.

Janrain has invested in services, support and infrastructure worldwide in order to give clients a continued single, holistic view of their customers. Our commitment means we’re able to offer more diverse offerings than any other CIAM provider.

If you’d like to learn more about how Janrain can help you with your identity initiatives, please view the related data sheet.

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