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Janrain Identified as CIAM and IDaaS Market Leader

By Jamie Beckland | Posted on November 10, 2016

Janrain Identified as CIAM and IDaaS Market Leader

Given our rich history in Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM), Janrain is well recognized by global enterprise companies in managing customer identities, driving engagements and improving customer experience. And today, we are excited to announce that we have been identified by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, a global market research and consulting firm, as the technology leader of the CIAM market. After comparing vendors in terms of product capabilities, customer impact, ease of use, sophistication of technology, visionary innovation and future roadmap, we stood out as leading the market.

“Driven by digital transformation and widespread adoption of smart devices, users are looking for a consistent brand experience across web channels and multiple devices,” said Piyush Dewangan, Research Manager, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions. “Janrain’s CIAM solution with advanced customer insights helps brands gain deeper understanding of customer behavior and drive better customer engagement for a satisfying brand experience.”

Ovum Consulting also recently recognized Janrain’s leadership in the CIAM market in its report on Emerging Vendors in the Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) Market report. According to Ovum, it was our decision to build our six CIAM products with the B2C market in mind that’s driving our challenge to the B2E-focused IAM and IDaaS players. Our leadership in unifying customer social profile data, online behavior, third-party application data and offline information into a single platform was also recognized.

“As online interactions with customers become far more prevalent than face-to-face meetings with them, and as more and more employees and partners start to operate like customers, in that most of their interactions with a company are online rather than in the office, B2C could become the tail that wags the dog in IAM, which is why it is worth keeping an eye on Janrain,” writes Ovum Consulting’s Rik Turner, Senior Analyst, Infrastructure Solutions and Andrew Kellett, Principal Analyst, Infrastructure Solutions.

To access Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ Knowledge Brief on Janrain, click here.

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