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Janrain Identity Service Issues Portable Identities To Help Brands Expand Reach

By Katie Keenan | Posted on February 24, 2011

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Whether you are an ISP, telecommunications provider, financial institution, government agency or a corporation, you probably store rich profile information on your customers and employees. Your user identity and customer management systems may contain reputation scores such as credit worthiness, past purchase history, payment profiles, digital fingerprints, and other profile data. By enabling your users to sign in to other websites, which may include partner sites, with an identity that carries the brand of your organization or business, you can share valuable profile information with these sites and facilitate ecommerce, digital signing, employee discounts, benefits management and much more.

However, most businesses use either proprietary or closed identity and login systems that pose significant challenges to user profile portability across the web. Janrain Identity Service was built to solve this market problem. Identity Service issues portable identities that carry the brand of your organization to your existing users. Your users can then sign into any website that accepts your login credentials and securely, and selectively share their profile data. Identity Service offers a consumer friendly user experience on top of the widely adopted OpenID standard, quickly and securely transforming a closed system to be open standards compliant.

The solution integrates with your existing user authentication systems such as LDAP, Active Directory, Kerberos, SAML assertions, website authentication or proprietary logins using RESTful APIs, so you can get more out of your IT investments.

Now that technology is no longer the hurdle, you might wonder how your customers will perceive your decision to open standards enable their login credentials. We recently published a research study on consumer perceptions of online registration and social sign in. Consumers clearly prefer to use social sign in over traditional registrations and typing into forms. Janrain Identity Service offers whitelist management and selective data sharing, so you can determine which sites are allowed to accept your user login credentials and have access to sensitive user data, a feature that your security and privacy conscious customers will appreciate.

If you are considering putting your dormant user identity and profile systems to work for you and are interested in learning more, please contact us.

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