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Janrain Integrates with Leading Commenting Platforms: Echo and Pluck

By Vidya Shivkumar | Posted on October 04, 2010

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Many of us recall the famous New Yorker cartoon from the 1990s that read "On the Internet, Nobody Knows You’re a Dog." Fast-forward a decade and a half. Social media has given rise to new and different online behaviors. More consumers are creating, curating and critiquing online content than ever before, and now, penning their comments under a real identity.

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Eager to take advantage of this behavior and the diminishing need for online anonymity, websites ranging from online guides to news media and entertainment sites to retail websites are enabling their readers to build social communities around content and discussions.

Today, Janrain is happy to announce deep technical integrations with the three leading commenting platforms: Echo and Pluck, to make it easy to link a user’s existing online identity on your website with his or her commenting persona.

  • Echo allows publishers to turn their static sites into real-time news platforms with Real-time Comments, Real-time Recent Comments and Real-time News Rivers."At Echo, our focus is partnering with the leading web properties in the world to bring state of the art real-time social features to their audience. Our goal is to be an invisible toolset that empowers publishers to innovate by integrating seamlessly with their identity and registration systems. Our partnership with Janrain is just another way we ensure that Echo is supportive of our publisher’s business goals and existing technologies" stated Chris Saad, vice president of product strategy & community for Echo.
  • Pluck Comments is an element of the larger Pluck Social Application Server, a platform that drives community for publishers like USA Today and brands like the NFL. Pluck Comments is designed for sites that generate very large volumes of comments, at very high transaction rates, and is supported by versatile discovery features."We are happy to partner with Janrain to provide our customers with a more complete solution for bridging their own online communities with popular destinations like Facebook and Twitter," said Jason Jaynes, vice president of products and marketing for Demand Media. "Janrain Engage simplifies the process by which visitors register for community membership, by making it easy for them to use their Facebook credentials or some other non-anonymous identity. Our customers benefit from the social bridging that Janrain facilitates with more site traffic, greater visitor engagement, and higher value conversations on their sites."

Janrain’s integration enables a website to easily register users with their identities on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google, then use this identity in online conversations, including automatically sharing their comments with their social networks.

The benefits to websites of implementing commenting platforms and integrating online identities to commenting systems are simple and obvious:

  • Quick and easy registration for users
  • Crowdsourcing of content
  • Building a thriving community around subject matter experts
  • Identifying and rewarding active contributors
  • Popularizing content beyond the confines of your website

As Social Media guru, Brian Solis, points out in his book Engage, "Social networks and platforms have expanded the roles of customers and peers from consumer to authorities, ambassadors and critics." Janrain Engage enables websites to turn your casual visitors into brand ambassadors by making it easy to build integrated and cohesive online experiences with leading commenting platforms.

If you are already using or considering using one of the above commenting platforms and would like to learn more about integrating a user’s identity on social networks with your website, please contact us. Packaged integrations with each of the commenting solutions are available at the Janrain Engage Pro subscription level.

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