Janrain Introduces Integration With Marketo


The Janrain enterprise platform allows our clients to securely share customer profile information with other technology vendors in their ecosystem. While developers can build their own integrations, Janrain offers managed data integrations for industry-leading platforms to accelerate our clients’ ability to leverage customer profile data in their marketing campaigns.

Today, we are pleased to share our latest integration with Marketo, which will ultimately increase customer satisfaction and drive conversions for our clients.

As marketers are faced with tackling all aspects of digital marketing, the Janrain integration with Marketo provides marketers with the tools needed to deliver targeted and personalized messages to their customers.

Customer data is collected using Janrain’s registration, social login and customer engagement applications. That data is then seamlessly exported into Marketo where powerful segmentation facilitates the delivery of targeted and personalized campaigns. When customers make changes to their profiles, our system automatically updates Marketo, ensuring marketers have the most recent and accurate customer data available.

Companies interested in learning more about the value of Janrain’s Customer Identity Management platform and integration with Marketo may visit http://janrain.com/about/contact-us/ to contact us for more information.