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JanRain Invites You To Join Pibb…

By Alex Jones | Posted on May 12, 2007

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Pibb puts you in charge of your online communications. Combining the convenience of instant messaging, the familiarity of forums, and power of blogs in one browser window, Pibb allows you to communicate online the way you always wanted to. Start dialogs with friends or entire channels with the click of a button. All communications are automatically and securely stored, no need to worry about accidentally closing a window and losing that important conversation again.

Don’t take our word for it though, use your OpenID account to login to and see what is going on.

With Pibb….

  • You can leave secure messages for friends or chat with them instantly, all through your browser
  • Messages are delivered in real time, or can be retrieved later, Pibb is always online so you don’t have to be
  • New conversations are saved and kept available online for future searches, like email or forum systems
  • You can start public or private channels about your favorite subjects and invite your social network to join
  • You can create threaded conversations within channels to provide a place for friends and familly to talk about anything
  • You can use an existing OpenID to sign in, or create a new one when you register.

The team at Pibb is working every day to improve your experience. If you have any ideas for features or have a support issue please contact us at or just Pibb us in the ‘Pibb Discussion’ or ‘Support’ channel at

The Pibb Team

Kevin Fox

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