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Janrain Launches New Products and New Website

By Michael Olson | Posted on June 16, 2010

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Today we are announcing several exciting changes to the Janrain product portfolio, brand and website. On the product front, we have renamed our flagship product, RPX, which is currently deployed on over 200,000 websites worldwide to Janrain Engage We are renaming our OPX product to Janrain Federate.


And, we are formally launching the Janrain User Management Platform (JUMP) to help organizations manage and measure online user interaction and engagement. An established best practice in building websites today is to use component technologies for content management systems (CMS), rating and reviews, commenting , eCommerce, and web analytics. Janrain provides the user management component, and integrates seamlessly with these additional component technologies.

Product Renaming – New names for RPX and OPX

  • RPX will become Janrain Engage– Leverage a user’s existing identity profile from social networks or identity providers like Facebook, Twitter, Google and others to speed up online registration. Invite friends and publish activity data back to social networks.
  • OPX will become Janrain Federate– Enable registered users of your website to seamlessly navigate to multiple web properties and partner sites using their existing credentials for a single-sign on experience.

Formally introducing… the Janrain User Management Platform (JUMP)

The Janrain User Management Platform helps you seamlessly manage all aspects of user interaction and social engagement. Janrain Engage connects your site to the social networks and enables you to easily authenticate your site visitors via their existing social identities, and publish their activities on your site to multiple social networks. Janrain Federate enables you to facilitate a single sign-on environment for your users and provision a centrally-managed identity. All products can be used together or separately.

The Janrain platform integrates with content management systems (CMS), rating and review technologies, commenting systems, eCommerce platforms and web analytics software to allow for seamless deployments no matter what the use case.

A New Website and Logo

The Janrain website has been redesigned to make it easier to find information, and our logo has been updated – goodbye Capital R, and hello a brighter blue. As part of the site re-launch, will no longer be a public site.

For Janrain customers, this news means:

  • Your existing Janrain solutions will continue to work without interruption and without any changes necessary on your end.
  • You will access your Janrain RPX application, now renamed Janrain Engage, by signing into your dashboard through You can continue to administer your Janrain Engage application through your existing dashboard, and no changes have been made to your application settings.
  • Janrain contact information remains the same.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to continuing to develop and deliver innovative and reliable solutions for online user management. As always, your feedback and comments are welcome.

Brian Kissel

CEO, Janrain, Inc.

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Michael Olson

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