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Janrain listed among top CIAM vendors according to TechVision

By Bryta Schulz | Posted on February 24, 2017

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With such a vast variety of ways for customers to shop, it’s become more important than ever for you to connect with customers on a personalized level. This makes your understanding of consumer identities and behaviors a must for bolstering brand connections with potential customers.

In the past, gathering more nuanced customer data involved utilizing Identity and Access Management (IAM) platforms. However, most systems were designed specifically to interact with employees, not consumers. The original IAM platform designers did not build these systems to scale to hundreds of millions of users, nor did they take into consideration consumer experience expectations, which lead to an inherent misalignment. Hence, companies have never been able to fully leverage IAM platforms to truly engage their customers.

Enter Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) platforms. These solutions, specifically designed for customer interactions, offer enterprises the ability to:

  • Scale operations.
  • Flex and respond to shifting trends.
  • Align with customer expectations.
  • Meet strict privacy compliance.
  • Comply with government regulations.

With these robust features in hand, enterprises can make their customers’ online experience sleek and personalized – two core components of the successful digital transformation strategy needed to meet evolving demand.

Finding the right CIAM partner

When it comes down to it, higher customer expectations are driving companies toward greater investment and commitment to CIAM platforms, according to TechVision Research, a technology research and consulting company. While companies strive to meet customer expectations, it’s also imperative that customer data remains secure and customer loyalty grows.

The following table from Gary Rowe, CEO and founder at TechVision Research, sheds light on why CIAM platforms optimize and bolster digital customer engagement:


Once a company decides to proceed with a CIAM platform, you need to choose the vendor that will best support your customer engagement efforts. TechVision Research highlighted the top tier CIAM vendors and the firm’s primary considerations for characterizing how and why vendors made this shortlist included:

  • How the platform integrates information (connectors, synchronization, meta-directories, virtualization)
  • How effectively it uses contextual information
  • How sophisticated the relationships are managed
  • Whether it has the ability to scale to millions of objects
  • Whether it offers accessibility of information to users

Truly competing in today’s digital landscape requires partnering with a CIAM vendor that will meet all your business needs while keeping customer data secure. To learn more about the differences between IAM and CIAM, please see our white paper, Identity At the Center of Today’s IT Infrastructure.

To download the full repot TechVision CIAM Research Report, click here.

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Bryta Schulz

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