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Janrain Is Now Leading Development Of The Haskell Riak Client

By Luc Perkins | Posted on August 08, 2013

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Haskell and Riak are technologies that we use a lot at Janrain, because we have the utmost confidence in both—a confidence won through extensive experience.

The best example of this is our social profile storage system (Janrain Capture), written almost entirely in Haskell and using Riak as a secondary data store.

At the beginning, the team behind Capture relied heavily on Bryan O’Sullivan’s Haskell Riak client. The team eventually found itself making major modifications internally (bug fixes, patches, etc.), changes that they wanted to see potentially reflected in the client itself.

And so the team reached out to O’Sullivan and he graciously agreed to pass the torch over to Janrain. So feel free to file an issue or make a pull request. We’re here and we’re listening!

Check it out on Github.

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