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Janrain Now Supports Login with Amazon

By Michael Olson | Posted on May 30, 2013

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For more than a decade, Amazon has helped fuel eCommerce innovation while seeding the market for consumers to shop online. With more than 200 million customers today, people who use Amazon are active, engaged online shoppers. Now, thanks to our partnership with Amazon, these consumers can quickly register and log in to websites using their trusted Amazon identity.

Starting today, Janrain customers can easily add Login with Amazon to their website in minutes. Login with Amazon eliminates the need for consumers to remember yet another distinct username and password for each site frequently visited, and our own research indicates some of the uninspiring things people would rather do than think up new passwords.


Whether consumers are visiting websites to shop for products or interact with content, they will appreciate Amazon’s high level of security and trust using their Amazon identity for registration. For example, has found that 40% of new customers choose Login with Amazon when registering to check out and purchase on the site.

Try out Login with Amazon for yourself right now over at Bosch.


Login with Amazon is available for Janrain customers today. Simply log in to your Janrain product dashboard, configure an Amazon developer app, and drag the Login with Amazon button into your social login interface. It only takes a few minutes!

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Michael Olson

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