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Janrain Spring 2012 Product Updates for Platform Partners

By Vidya Shivkumar | Posted on June 11, 2012

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Since 2010, Janrain has enabled horizontal technology platforms to remotely provision and offer their direct customers and their customer’s end-users white-labeled social features powered by Janrain. Email and marketing automation, CRM, community, commenting, content, mobile as well as social media marketing platforms have chosen Janrain to power social login, sharing and social graph capabilities platform-wide.

With the Spring 2012 release, Janrain introduced several new remote provisioning and application management features, and core platform capabilities making it easy for its platform partners to offer a rich set of social features and customizations to their customers.

Remote Provisioning and Management

Several new API calls have been added to the Janrain Partner API to offer greater flexibility with remote configuration and management of Janrain Engage application instances from within the partner’s platform. Partners can now enable their customers to configure additional identity providers, reset their API key, add and remove administrators associated with their Engage application as well as request additional social data from their end-users at registration-time, all from within the partner’s platform.

Additional Integration Options

The OAuth2 compliant Backplane 2.0 protocol now facilitates the transfer of sensitive user information between applications through a secure server-side flow. With the release of Backplane 2.0, partner platforms have more than one mechanism of integrating social login offered by Janrain with their platform – the Engage API, the Plugin API and Backplane.

New Core Platform Features

Janrain’s platform partners can now offer their customers the following additional capabilities:

  • Expanded Social Sharing: Enable customers’ end-users to share to a select group of friends/contacts, to their social networking walls or via email with the new social sharing widget and APIs.
  • Additional Identity Providers: Offer end-users’ the ability to login with Asian providers such as Sina Weibo, Mixi, and RenRen in addition to Germany-based SoundCloud.
  • Support for Regulated Industries: For partner platforms offering hosting, content management or tools for regulated industries, federal agencies, state, or local government websites, Janrain’s support for FICAM LoA1-compliant identity providers, makes it possible to offer frictionless registration via social/3rd party login on their websites.
  • 3rd Party Analytics Integrations: Janrain’s widgets support JavaScript event hooks to measure registration, login and sharing events from within a platform customer’s analytics systems such as Google Analytics, Adobe SiteCatalyst, CoreMetrics or Webtrends.
  • Mobile Configuration and Development: Platform customers who utilize the Janrain dashboard for configuration of identity providers and widget layouts can customize and test the look and feel of social login and sharing UIs for iOS or Android-based mobile web and app experiences.
  • Application Framework Support: Platform partners who develop mobile applications using Apache Cordova/PhoneGap, can use the Janrain Engage for iOS and Android PhoneGap plugin.
  • Traditional Login Buttons: By simply adding a custom branded login button that represents a site specific id/password to the Janrain Engage sign-in widget, platform customers eliminate the need for username and password boxes on their sign-in interface.

Redesigned Documentation

Lastly, with the goal of making it easier to navigate Janrain’s rich set of capabilities, Janrain launched its new Developer portal, complete with quick-start guides, code examples and comprehensive API documentation.

If you are a current Janrain partner, we that hope you will immediately begin taking advantage of the above capabilities. We look forward to hearing your feedback at

To learn more about becoming a Janrain partner, please visit

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