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Janrain Webinar Follow-up - Revenue is the Key Driver Behind Offering Registration

By Michael Olson | Posted on September 20, 2010

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Last Thursday during Janrain’s webinar, "Improving Online Registration to Drive Revenue," we shared several key best practices with organizations seeking to optimize their online registration process and provide compelling incentives to facilitate member acquisition. Questions were posed to the audience of nearly 100 attendees throughout the session, and we would like to share the results.

85% of attendees polled currently have a user registration process in place today. With the advent of the social web, most marketers recognize the value in knowing more about their online audience and understand that this is often the first step to success online.

does your website have a user registration process in place

38% of those polled currently offer registration and login through Facebook, Twitter, Google, or other networks, compared to 62% that require users to create a site-specific username and password.

do you offer login through social networks

Sites that do not enable users to login with their existing social network or email accounts miss an opportunity to grow their audience, and many Janrain customers experience a 10-50% increase in registrations after enabling users to login with an existing social network account via Janrain Engage.

We also asked attendees to cite the most compelling reasons for users to register on their site. Not surprisingly, increased revenue is the key driver behind offering registration – 76% of those polled tie online revenue to registered users. Depending on the type of site, revenue opportunities could involve targeted advertisements to users based on their demographic information or product recommendations based on past purchasing behavior.

most important reasons for users to register

68% of respondents also value community building as a key driver behind offering user registration. The most successful communities on the web thrive due to user-generated content, and whether your site offers discussion forums, reviews or knowledge exchange, membership is the catalyst behind community development.

Fostering engagement is an overarching goal for most online businesses and influences other metrics such as revenue and community building. That said, 53% of those polled highlighted the opportunity to better engage with members as a key incentive for offering membership.

All in all, having a streamlined online registration process can provide enormous value to your website. Once you know more about your users, you can offer them a more engaging experience and in turn increase loyalty, brand awareness and most importantly, your online ROI. If you did not have a chance to attend our webinar, stay tuned as we plan to offer more webinars in the future.

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Michael Olson

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