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Janrain Wins 2014 CRM Watchlist Award

By Allison Park | Posted on March 26, 2014

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It’s not often you get labeled the “best of the year,” or are called out for having a kickass product with a responsive team, but that’s exactly what just happened! Janrain was recently honored as a 2014 CRM Watchlist Award winner – an award that recognizes companies for their excellence in product innovation and service. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Paul Greenberg and ZDNet for this recognition.

The qualifications for a CRM Watchlist Award recipient are very specific. Paul Greenberg explains:

For a company to ultimately succeed in the marketplace, they need to provide products, services, tools and consumable experiences that a customer wants (and preferably, needs) in a fashion that is both valuable to the customer and provides the business with what it is looking for. This is far more than just providing a kickass product…

The company has to:

  • be responsive to the needs of their customers
  • have to have a clear idea of where they are and where they are going
  • be financially stable enough to both actually keep going and inspire confidence in their existing customers that they are there for as long as the customer is
  • have messaging that resonates to the population they are trying to impress and in the markets that they think they play in
  • be known to that population and be known as a good company that does what it must for the benefit of the customer – both overtly and in subtle and subliminal ways.

With this award, Janrain joins the ranks of esteemed past winners, such as Hubspot, Marketo, Lithium and SAP. The selection process is rigorous, where candidates must thoroughly answer a series of poignant questions regarding the company’s mission and vision, financials, management team, market impact, thought leadership and corporate culture. Mr. Greenberg would not let us pass without very specific qualifications, so we stepped up to the challenge.

I want to start my “thing” about Janrain by just letting you know something about their questionnaire submission. It was refreshingly transparent, well written (conversational) and all in all, almost completely free of marketing speak.  It was, at least to my thinking, the best-written submission of this year.
–Paul Greenberg

This is who we are as a company: transparent, passionate, and collegiate, with a touch of whimsy. We are a technology product that provides innovative solutions for our customers – a service that would not be possible without the hard work, dedication and talent our employees provide. In addition to Mr. Greenberg and ZDNet, we would also like to send a shout out to our teammates, without whom this award would not be possible. Congratulations, Janrainers!

We are honored to be included in the CRM Watchlist 2014, and want to also offer congratulations to the other winners: BPMonline and Lattice Engines. Well done!

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