Janrain’s Commitment to User Data Privacy

Last week I was pleased to announce the arrival of Lewis Barr as Janrain’s Vice President of Privacy and Legal.  I’m excited about this appointment not only because Lewis is a great guy with an impressive resume, but also because what it demonstrates about our company – that we are absolutely committed to operating with integrity, transparency and well within all applicable user privacy and data security laws in a pretty dynamic regulatory environment.

The technology Janrain provides offers tremendous value to our clients as they are able to more easily and effectively convert anonymous site visitors into known, registered users while also gaining permission-based access to social profile data that can be used to create more compelling, relevant online experiences.  With that ability comes responsibility, however.

Our experience has shown that when our clients are transparent about what data they are collecting, why they are collecting it, and how the data will be used, consumers are much more willing to share personal information.  This is because they understand what they will get in return for providing access to the data.  A great example of this transparency can be seen on the Channel 4 website, in their Viewer Promise.

On our side, we need to provide consumers the ability to easily grant and revoke access to their personal data and ensure that this information is protected and treated with integrity.  We’ve always done so, and with Lewis’ help, promise to maintain and perhaps even improve our data protection assurance to you.

We have a number of initiatives underway that will reinforce our commitments in this area, so watch this space for upcoming announcements.  (And feel free to reach out to Lewis to congratulate him on his new role!)