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Janrain’s LINK Cartridge Brings Social User Management to the Demandware Platform

By Max Spector | Posted on July 03, 2012

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The Janrain team is happy to announce the availability of our new LINK cartridge for top internet retailers on the the Demandware eCommerce platform. We’re proud to offer a unique Demandware cartridge for user management and back it up with the full power of our Janrain User Management Platform (JUMP).

This means that Demandware customers can now enjoy the many benefits of JUMP already being realized by our online retail customers like Sears, Guitar Center, Whole Foods, and Illy Cafe. These and other commerce customers are realizing increases in registration conversions, decreased cart abandonment, a reduction in false user data, and improvement in customer service calls as a result of a forgotten password.

The majority of these benefits come from a unique combination of social login and a robust registration system which ensures that retailers obtain the data they need while letting online shoppers register and subsequently login faster. The ability to pre-fill registration forms with verified social profile data becomes all the more important as shoppers spend more time on mobile devices and struggle with text entry on small screens.

Benefits for shoppers

  • 77% of shoppers prefer social login for fast registration and checkout
  • Shoppers can share products, reviews, and purchases to social networks or targeted to a select group of friends
  • Shoppers never have to remember, or recover, a site-specific username or password

Rather than paying for data append services, retailers are embracing social login as a source of permission-based, cost effective and rich shopper data including verified email and shipping addresses, interests, and demographics for use in targeting, personalization, and product recommendations. However, making this data available to 3rd party systems like recommendation engines is frequently done on a one-off basis. To save both time and development efforts, we have included support for the open source Backplane Protocol in our LINK cartridge. The Backplane Protocol broadcasts user identity, and profile data to trusted applications on a website, making it easy for retailers to plug and play vendor applications such as polls, reviews, and content personalization tools.

Benefits for retailers

  • 30-50% increase in registered users
  • Decrease registration drop-off and cart abandonment due to new account creation requirements which drive 86% of shoppers away from your site
  • Eliminate the false data provided during sign-up by 88% of shoppers who admit to providing inaccurate data to create a new account
  • Drive word of mouth marketing through social sharing which returns an average of 13 referral clicks for each shared activity to a social network

Features for retailers

  • Social login from more than 25 identity providers including PayPal Access, Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, Twitter, and more
  • Customizable, hosted registration screens include social and traditional registration, pre-filled social profile data, CAPTCHA, opt-in, field verification, dirty word filters, password reset, and profile management
  • Collect and store rich social profile data in a flexible hosted database for use with targeted communication, personalization, or recommendations based on demographic and interest data
  • Map social and traditional identities to a single user record
  • Multi-site sign-on enables users to move from within your network of sites without re-authentication
  • Analytics provide insights and performance into shopper acquisition and social referrals
  • LINK certified for reliable and rapid deployment

Our Digital and Social Media Strategists and commerce experts are also available to share best practices, develop wireframes, and walk retailers through the planning process so that the implementation is easy. Best of all, for retailers who aren’t ready to implement the complete JUMP-based registration system, the LINK cartridge makes it easy to start small by adding social login to an existing registration and login system.

If you are a current Demandware customer or considering the Demandware eCommerce platform, contact us to learn more about the Janrain LINK cartridge and the top retailers already leveraging Janrain for user management and social engagement.

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