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KickApps uses Janrain Partner API to Extend User Engagement Features

By Katie Keenan | Posted on January 19, 2011

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Today, I would like to highlight a key feature of the Janrain User Management Platform, the partner API, and how Janrain partner, KickApps, recently took advantage of it.

We introduced the Partner API last year to make it easy for our platform partners to extend the benefits of social login, sharing, account linking and other Janrain Engage features to their customers and their network of sites thus bringing these benefits to their respective user base.

Janrain’s partner API allows platforms to build scale by programmatically provisioning individual instances of the Janrain Engage application to enable their customers to configure social login and social sharing options, all without ever leaving the platform’s administrative interface.

KickApps’ next-generation content management system makes it possible for large global brands such as Alcatel-Lucent, Intel, Guinness World Records and others to build incredible social experiences for their customers. When companies want their brands to get more social, whether it is through branded communities and UGC (user-generated content) contests or a complete website re-launch, KickApps allows them to add social features to an existing site, build a fan, expert ask-answer or customer community and create interactive ads and mini sites.

Using Janrain’s partner API, KickApps made it easy for customers to add Janrain functionality by integrating it directly into the KickApps Affiliate Center. Through this integration, customers can add social login and sharing capabilities to their KickApps-powered social site by simply checking a box and agreeing to Janrain’s Terms of Use.

I had the opportunity to work closely with Mike Sommers, EVP Products and Marc Hollander, EVP Technology at KickApps during the integration process and requested feedback on their implementation. Here is what the KickApps team had to say:

“Integrating Janrain’s Partner API is a significant enhancement to the KickApps platform, and makes it easy for all KickApps customers to immediately take advantage of the benefits of the Engage platform for their KickApps-powered sites. This is a prime example of our “best of breed” approach to integrating third party products and services into our drag and drop platform for creating socially-enabled experiences for the web’s top publishers. Working with Janrain through this integration was smooth and their platform’s architecture made for a relatively simple process.”

Screen shot below shows the ease with which KickApps platform customers can configure and offer Janrain Engage based social logins to their user base.


KickApps partner API

Janrain supports a vibrant partner ecosystem including customer feedback platforms, social communities, digital media and content communication platforms. If you are a platform provider and would like to learn more about integrating social logins and sharing capabilities into your platform, please drop us line.

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