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Kraft’s Missed Opportunity to Engage

By Gina Rau | Posted on June 28, 2011

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Earlier this month, Kraft ran a promotion on their Facebook fan page promising Macsurance (insurance) for Kraft Mac and Cheese in the event your parents steal your coveted dinner. From MediaPost:

Brand fans age 18 and over (parents must be the direct participants, not their kids) who “like” the brand on Facebook and supply their names, postal and email addresses will receive their Macsurance certificates/coupons in the mail within six weeks.

Kraft Macsurance Facebook Campaign

Kraft’s Facebook Page included this branded Macsurance Tab

Kraft Send for Macsurance Campaign

Kraft enabled social sharing with Facebook’s Send button

The Macsurance promotion was discontinued after just one week, we’re assuming due to overwhelming response – kudos to Kraft for a clever campaign that delivered coupons to mac and cheese lovers.

But Kraft missed a huge opportunity to build a relationship with their customers.

Let’s imagine that Kraft had served up that Macsurance campaign from their own website – a site full of useful content for Kraft’s target audience. Then, they encouraged site visitors to login to their site using a pre-existing profile account like Facebook, with Janrain Engage. Once logged in, site visitors could share the Macsurance video or coupons, let Kraft know what they think of the campaign, and comment about their successful tactics to fend off mac and cheese thieves, just like they could in the Facebook app.

The missed opportunity? Rich profile information on their brand fans, social engagement with advocates, and increased site traffic.

Each time Kraft encouraged this social activity, they’d gather insights about the brand advocates on their site – not just the gender, age group and location provided by Facebook Insights, but rich profile information that is actionable in future campaigns, and to customize their experience at Kraft’s website.

At the same time, Kraft would be taking advantage of the word-of-mouth traffic sent to their campaign site as a result of social sharing. Our cumulative data indicates that each social share returns 13 new visits to the originating website.

In today’s social economy, it’s more important than ever to know who your brand advocates are, what other interests they have, and what they care about. Consumers have higher expectations for a more relevant, and even personalized experience wherever they interact with your brand.

For brand marketers, it’s challenging to gather this type of information without conducting expensive research or tapping into distribution partners, like retailers, for shopper information they may, or may not, have (and share). On top of that, many organizations have difficulty in collecting, storing and taking advantage of the information that have. The result is often customer profile data that is incomplete, vague and (worst of all) un-used.

With Janrain Engage, your biggest fans hand over robust profile data file on a silver platter. Gathering demographic, psychographic and lifestyle insights on your consumers – including the Location, Birthdate, Gender, Email Address, Full Name, Relationship Status, Political Views, and Interests – and then storing, segmenting and using that data with Janrain Profile Data Storage, provides you the information and tools needed to offer consumers the enhanced customer experience they want.

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