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Large NYC company sees 1300% YOY increase in customer registrations

By Jamie Beckland | Posted on October 25, 2016

Large NYC company sees 1300% YOY increase in customer registrations

This large New York City company is a world leader in live sports and entertainment with a portfolio of legendary sports teams, exclusive entertainment productions and celebrated venues. In its pursuit to deepen and broaden brand engagement with fans and ticket holders, the company formed a centralized digital team to identify a solution that would provide a unified, single view of customer information across its owned brands and properties. The team was tackling two main challenges:

  1. Company-wide they were unable to leverage the amount of siloed data held in disparate platforms for each individual business unit. Business units were unable to work together and identify, for example, that a customer who purchased tickets for a given event was also a fan of one of its other brands.
  2. The data they were relying on was not being provided in real time, thus shortening the window of opportunity to respond to a customer’s engagement activity.

The most important capability it sought was a real-time, centralized database of user profiles for all of its brands. They also wanted to enrich their understanding of their customers and improve the user experience. To address these issues, the team partnered with Janrain and focused on implementing two solutions: Social Login and Registration.

The team chose the website of one of its well-known shows as the pilot project. They re-launched with the Janrain Registration platform including Social Login and all existing customer accounts were migrated to Janrain’s Customer Profile Database. The company started seeing ROI immediately. Teams across the company were able to view real-time customer identities and how they interacted with the website.

With the Janrain solution, the company was also able to track their customers’ guests, often people with whom they share tickets, via unique promo codes and gain access to a whole new market of customers.

Because of this, the company grew their database of registered users for the website with a 1300% increase in registration year over year within the first three months of implementation.

You can learn more about how Janrain helped the company segment customer data, provide real-time insights and drastically increase their customer registrations in our latest case study.

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Jamie Beckland

VP of Product

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