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Leading retailer increases customer loyalty

By Jamie Beckland | Posted on November 02, 2016

Leading retailer increases customer loyalty

Retail is in an existential crisis…given the convenience of online shopping, why should the consumer come into the store? This is particularly apparent for grocery retailers. There are a lot of new emerging ways for people to get fed – in particular, home delivery – and grocery retailers are trying to figure out ways to combat that, in order to keep foot traffic and sales high. The best grocers are leveraging their existing loyalty programs in new ways. With a background of dedication and commitment to their consumers and company overall, one major grocery retailer increased customer loyalty using Janrain.

The grocery retailer operates 72 grocery stores and 38 pharmacies, and has a history of technology innovation – it was the first grocery store in the world to use electronic scanners – and today it’s the first grocery retailer in the U.S. to use beacon technology in all of its stores. Its mission is to create an exceptional shopping experience while supporting and improving the communities they serve.

The company wanted to deliver marketing campaigns for a tailored, personalized experience based on each of its customer’s journeys and interactions. In order to do so, they needed an adaptable solution that would provide a single and unified view of their customers. Additionally, they wanted to bring together all of their siloed data from sources such as loyalty programs, digital offers and mobile data platforms.

By partnering with Janrain, the company was able to customize the schema and business logic to its needs including the ability to add in customer data from the loyalty and digital coupon programs. Now, their customers can take action far more quickly. Instead of receiving a loyalty card at the store and taking it home to register online, users could now instantaneously join and use their loyalty program.

From here, the company took its technology to the next level with their “Best Price Program.” Combining a holistic view of their customers with purchase history and predictive analytics, a unique and truly personalized email offering was available for every customer in the program.

They also wanted to be able to provide their own in-store coupons, so they utilized a beacon-enabled solution. They envisioned a more rewarding experience for their customers – one where customers could walk into any one of the retailer’s stores and receive a digital offer for a free featured item of the week catered to their preferences just by using the mobile app. This experience further enabled them to expand their customer behavior insights using data obtained through user device activity.

To learn more about how this company paired these best-of-breed technologies to increase customer loyalty, check out our latest case study.

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