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Making healthcare a better experience through technology

By Bryta Schulz | Posted on July 21, 2017

Making healthcare a better experience through technology

At Janrain, we’ve always recognized the importance of data management, especially when it comes to collaboration. Like many other industries, the health care, biopharma and life science fields can all dramatically benefit by breaking down the silos that prevent data sharing opportunities. This is especially true given the growing number of medications released each year, and the challenges physicians encounter attempting to access relevant information. Health care professionals and life science firms alike can reap significant rewards by opening up their data channels in a secure manner and streamlining their interactions.

That all begins by establishing some concrete data management standards across these industries, and that is why we recently announced our commitment to the life science standards group, Align Biopharma.

This organization’s goal is to pave the way for healthcare professionals and life science companies to frictionlessly share relevant information in order to improve patient care, while adhering to robust data privacy and security standards.

The innovations we’ve made in the customer identity and access management (CIAM) space have put us at the forefront of data governance, privacy and security, and Janrain was asked to join this group of leaders from the fields of technology, life sciences, and services.

Other Align Biopharma group members include Accenture, Adobe, Allergan, AstraZeneca, Bayer, Biogen, Cognizant, Deloitte, Exostar, GSK, Gygia, Janssen, Mavens, Merck & Co., Merck KGaA, Novartis, Okta, Pfizer, Shire, Takeda and Veeva.

That’s some world-class company to be in.

Align Biopharma hits the ground running

Although having only been formed six months ago, Align Biopharma is already well underway with its first two initiatives. The group wants to establish an identity management standard to be used across the healthcare and life science industries. This standard would specifically address single sign-on (SSO) services and lay out the technical requirements for any solution to be used by healthcare professionals. With our years of experience in this field, Janrain is uniquely qualified to add our substantial wealth of expertise to this initiative. Health care professionals can expect this standard to be released before the end of the summer.

Right now Align Biopharma is creating a standard to define consent and preference management solution requirements. This would establish a consistent method for demonstrating consent when data is shared between healthcare professionals and life science companies. We’ve seen similar movements in other industries with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its attempts to make consent forms more comprehensive for consumers and eliminate ambiguity. Health care officials can’t afford to fall behind the times and the changing sentiments surrounding user permission. This initiative will help biopharma and healthcare organizations get in line with GDPR requirements when they go into effect next year.

Working toward a better future for health care

Everyone from biopharma firms to physicians and their patients stand to benefit from these standards. Historically, healthcare practitioners have had trouble accessing important information regarding newly released medication due to the overwhelming complexity and fragmentation of the industry’s digital channels. This, in turn, delays treatment as physicians attempt to navigate those channels and find the information they need.

Align Biopharma’s forthcoming identity management standard paves the way for healthcare professionals to use single sign-on (SSO) portals to securely access all kinds of useful information directly from life science corporations’ sites. This gives physicians the data they need quickly and also drastically lowers the risk of a data breach or leak.

Improving the digital experience for patients is increasingly important for the pharma industry and healthcare professionals. Just like in almost every other industry, healthcare consumers are more and more digitally empowered. They have a wealth of information sources instantly at hand and have increasingly higher expectations when it comes to the usability and usefulness of digital sites and services. Identity plays a central role in meeting these expectations as consumers want the services and experiences to be personalized and tailored to the individual.

At the same time, the personal information of patients is highly sensitive, and needs to be handled in compliance with various regulations and with the best possible security in place. It is required (by various regulations, including the GDPR) to obtain a patient’s explicit consent for collecting their personal data, as well to provide transparency on what data is being stored, processed, and with whom it is shared. Identity management, and consent management as a part of that, is a key discipline to elevate patient experience to the next level.

And that is why we couldn’t be more excited to join Align Biopharma and contribute our expertise and capabilities to their mission. With the world’s best pharma, life science and technology companies working together, progress in digital healthcare becomes tangible.

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Bryta Schulz

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