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Meaningful Benefits of PayPal Access for Retailers

By Gina Rau | Posted on October 17, 2011

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Over the past few days, we’ve had a team of folks from Janrain attend and participate in the Innovate Developer Conference where X.commerce announced the launch of its commerce identity platform, PayPal Access. PayPal Access opens the door to many benefits for both retailers and shoppers using a PayPal account to login and checkout on commerce sites.

This becomes meaningful when shoppers can login to a commerce site in a secure way with their PayPal identity, and retailers can personalize the shopping experience and expedite the checkout process by prepopulating their shipping address. The ultimate result is reduced cart abandonment and increased sales.

Retail marketers are increasingly finding the value in shopper data and would be foolish to leave that on the table during a transaction. For shoppers, PayPal Access offers them the option to utilize their PayPal commerce identity to login to the merchant’s site. Retailers using Janrain Engage for social login already offer this experience for shoppers who register with a social identity like Facebook or Google. Now, they can offer the choice of PayPal Access to pre-populate much of a shopper’s information during checkout, including name, email, shipping address, and phone number.

During the authentication process, a shopper may grant the retailer permission to access this information. Retailers may then utilize this profile data to customize the shopping experience, speed up checkout, or send personal offers. A primary benefit is the trusted PayPal name both for shoppers seeking secure transactions and retailers that want verified user data.

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While top media organizations have been reporting the announcement positively, highlighting what this means for consumers and retailers, some stories haven’t accurately reflected the details of the new platform. For example, Econsultancy reported that PayPal is putting up a “barrier between retailers and customers”:

In offering a ‘solution’ that aims to circumvent retailers’ normal registration process, PayPal is really keeping valuable data about customers out of retailers’ hands. That data, of course, tells them who their customers are.

In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

This highlights the ongoing confusion of user identity. Janrain works closely with identity providers to ensure that we support functionality that empowers marketers. In this case, there are a number of clear wins for our customers. In fact, the PayPal Access website clearly defines the benefits of the platform for consumers, merchants and developers.


Janrain customers have had access to shoppers’ profile data since we launched PayPal as an identity provider last October. Janrain customers who have already set up PayPal as an identity provider in their Janrain Engage social login widget are already set and will see the PayPal logo has been updated with the PayPal Access branding. To add PayPal Access as an identity provider to your social login widget, simply access the dashboard to get start getting additional data like shipping address now.

Still have questions about PayPal Access or want to learn how to offer this convenience to your shoppers? Give us a call.

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