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myOpenID Announces Support for hCard, MicroID, OpenID 2.0 and More!

By Janrain Team | Posted on December 18, 2007

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myOpenID is JanRain’s public OpenID provider service. As the largest independent site for establishing an OpenID on the internet, has been online for two years and continues to grow with the spread of OpenID. myOpenID has been built with a focus of providing its members with features that enhance reliability, security, and usability.

Prominent features include:

  • Choice of authentication methods including password, Microsoft CardSpace, and Client Certificates.
  • Multiple registration personas
  • Secure HTTPS identifiers available to each user
  • Account activity/audit reports
  • Affiliate program for site developers

and we are happy to announce these great new features:

  • You can now personalize your myOpenID identity page. Upload your own avatar that will be passed to sites that ask using the Pavatar protocol, choose from a (small, but growing) selection of skins, or scrape your identity page to pull out your information in hCard, and MicroID formats
  • You will also notice that your personas page has a new look as well as some new features. Support has been added for OpenID Attribute Exchange, and for adding URLs. This makes it easy to share links to your blog or other websites by showing them on your identity page or passing them along with Attribute Exchange.

Here is an example of my identity page:

Picture 2

Check out my identity page in person!

If anyone has any questions about these new features please post your bug reports/thoughts/feedback in the myOpenID channel on Pibb

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