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myOpenID Launches Secure Authentication, Helps Prevent Phishing

By Janrain Team | Posted on April 17, 2007

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Portland Ore. – April 17, 2007 – JanRain, Inc today launched a new secure authentication technology that will make using your OpenID account easier and more secure. now allows its users the ability to use client-side certificates, based on the secure sockets layer (SSL ) technology. This technology is quickly and painlessly installed in your web browser and will significantly reduce your chances of successfully being phished. The end result is no more passwords and no more opportunities for would-be scammers to phish your information through bogus sites.

Your OpenID is your passport to all websites requiring a username and password. Once you create your own personal OpenID account, you’ll never need to go through the registration process again with sites that support OpenID. JanRain has been at the forefront of developing OpenID technology and related services since its founding. With your own personal OpenID you can securely login to any one of over two thousand OpenID-enabled websites and instantly identify yourself. To date, OpenID has been adopted by the likes of AOL, Microsoft, Digg, Netvibes, LiveJournal and many others.

One of the things that make the social networking sites of Web 2.0 so great is the wealth of personal information you can have available to share with people. However what makes these sites so great also makes them an ideal target for phishing attacks. The personal information gleaned from a compromised user can be used in identity theft or for other fraudulent activities. With experiments showing a success rate of over 70 % for phishing attacks on social network sites, the launch of this new feature for myOpenID users means peace of mind. Scott Kveton, JanRain’s CEO, noted, "We are constantly working on tools which will be of value to the community and are really excited to bring this new secure authentication functionality to the marketplace for OpenID users."

In addition to the new secure authentication feature, myOpenID is also pleased to announce the redesign of the site and launch of the newly expanded affiliate program. myOpenID offers the most feature rich and secure OpenID server available. If you run your own OpenID enabled site and need a custom branded version of myOpenID for your users, head over to to learn more, your members will thank you.

About JanRain, Inc.

JanRain is an industry leader providing consumer-focused identity, single sign-on, and reputation technologies. Headquartered in Portland, Ore., JanRain, Inc., is a privately held corporation though is currently seeking outside funding. JanRain currently has two products: providing single sign-on technologies for consumers and web-operators, and providing reputation services for OpenID-enabled users. To learn more about JanRain’s products, or how to invest, visit

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