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By Janrain Team | Posted on December 09, 2006

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You should never make changes right before a demo, right?

Well, for once, we actually followed that bit of advice and waited until after IIW wound down before going live with all the changes we’ve been working on these past few weeks. Most of those changes focus on the new account process. We looked at the spots where people were stumbling or being slowed down and we cut them out. So the sign-up process is in just one page now. You find out sooner if the username you want is available, the password strength indicator is more intelligent, and you can get started without needing to go to your email.

We’re hoping that site operators in our affiliate program will be especially pleased with these changes, as it means your new users can get through the process and in to your application even quicker than before. But there’s another new feature for our affiliate program too: Does your site use the Simple Registration extension to ask for things like a short nickname or timezone? If so, we can ask for those things on your affiliate sign-up page, if you just add a few things to the link.

Let us know how you like it!

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