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Mobile Menu Release (“Spooky”)

By Alex Jones | Posted on November 03, 2006

Today we’re releasing the MyOpenID affiliate program. The affiliate program is a way to make it easier for sites that support OpenID to get users started with OpenID. We have had limited support for this in the past, most notably for Zooomr, but now it’s easy to sign up to be an affiliate site and maintain your site’s information on MyOpenID. I hope that this helps sites that don’t want to have to run an OpenID provider along with their consumer support.

If you use it, please give us feedback! We want to make the experience good for you as a site operator and especially good for your users.

Other notable changes in this release:

  • Re-vamped session support (now there’s a stay logged in option)
  • Added the option to show some personal information on your identity page (the start of more enhancements to the identity page)
  • Improved sign-up user interface

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