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MySpaceID Added to RPX and more…

By Janrain Team | Posted on December 10, 2008

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Today JanRain is announcing support for MySpaceID in RPX . We worked closely with the MySpace product team to integrate their MySpaceID open platform in RPX. Now website operators that use RPX can easily register and sign in MySpace users at their site and bring their profile data including friends and interests to create an instant social community. This is how easy the login can be…


To see it in action, use your MySpace account to login at one of the many Interscope Geffen A&M; music artist websites like or home page of where you can instantly "Join the Community". This makes RPX the ideal solution for any website that wants to provide the easiest login possible for their website users regardess of which identity provider they use — MySpace, Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, AOL, or any other OpenID account.

There has been a lot of news the past week about Facebook Connect, Google FriendConnect, and MySpaceID. At the end of the day what do these announcements mean for website operators and end users? For the website operator there are two big benefits: (1) increased site registrations by allowing users to login with their credentials from MySpace, Facebook, Google, AOL, or Yahoo!…that’s a lot of users, and (2) creating an instant social community on their website by pulling over the user’s profile information including friends and interests. For the website user it means they don’t need to create and most likely forget another username and password on a site they might not be visiting everyday, and they can expect a richer and more personalized experience after logging in with one of their existing third party accounts.

Doesn’t this all sound great?!?! It is great but it can also means extra work for the website operator to deal with protocols from each identity provider. For example, Facebook Connect has a proprietary protocol while MySpace makes use of open standards such as OpenID, OAuth, and OpenSocial. This is where RPX comes in. As stated this morning in a ReadWriteWeb article titled JanRain Offers Distributed Social Options Galore, Interscope Geffen A&M; Bites, "JanRain is providing a solution that solves a problem for developers – how to efficiently implement the variety of logins – and users – to log into sites with the most familiar credentials."

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