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New customer identity management training resources from Janrain

By Bonnie Howden | Posted on September 25, 2018

Customer identity maangement training

This has been a foundational year for customer identity management training and documentation at Janrain. We’ve moved away from disparate approaches and inconsistent materials and methods toward creating one cohesive Education Strategy that encompasses all of our documentation and training.

Key to our strategy is delivering high-quality self-service content for all audiences. We are committed to delivering the resources — such as multi-media documentation, e-learning modules, how-to videos, and detailed step-by-step guides — that deliver value to our clients and guide them to innovation using the Janrain Identity Cloud®. At janrain, we believe that identity management is the primary component of digital transformation — enabling the seamless and secure digital experinces that are needed to build customer trust in your brand. Our Education Strategy is driven by that belief.

In the first half of 2018, we evaluated all training efforts against needs across the board. We talked with many stakeholders to better understand what questions were being asked, what topics were coming up in support requests and where the stumbling blocks were. We determined that a Certification Program would be our best course of action, starting with our partners first then moving to enterprise customers. Certifications help us to establish a baseline level of knowledge and skills so that we can better understand and meet customer and partner needs. To better inform the development process, we created a Certification Task Force of employees across the organization to design the program — what should be taught, how and when, and how the skills and knowledge should be assessed.

In addition, we took some time to thoroughly evaluate our existing systems. We realized that our documentation site was not as intuitive, thorough or consistent as we’d like it to be. Accordingly, we proposed an all-inclusive Education Center for “one-stop shopping” for all training and documentation support.

We recently developed the processes, training content, materials and exams for our Partner Certification Program, which launched in mid-September. These materials will also be the base for our Customer Certification Program, which is planned for an October launch.

We also re-structured our professional training center — Janrain University — to enhance the learning experience for all customers and partners. The new Janrain University launched on September 18. Internally, we’ve reorganized our Education Team processes to increase efficiency and decrease the amount of time needed to create and update materials. Finally, we’ve been building the new Education Center — creating an intuitive user interface with easy searching and filtering, consistent, robust, and up-to-date documentation and new multi-media resources.

What’s next in our journey? We’ve already started reaching out to customers to better understand unique needs, so that we can ensure all of our resources are developed accordingly. We’ll release the Janrain Developer Certification instructor-led course for customers in October, with on-demand e-learning materials planned for November. We’ll soon launch the Education Center with our first two areas: the Technical Library and the link to Janrain University.

Our ultimate goal is to help our clients and partners drive value and innovation using Janrain’s customer identity and access management solutions. Our increased educational support and engagement demonstrate our commitment to this goal. We’ll continue to add new areas to the Education Center, as well as new on-demand e-learning modules in Janrain University, so that our customers and partners can advance the identity management knowledge and skills. Questions or comments? Contact us.

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