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New from Google and RPX

By Janrain Team | Posted on May 14, 2009

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This morning Google announcedtwo improvements to their OpenID provider service:1) Extended user profile data. In addition to providing a verified email address, Google is now providing first and last name, country, and language via OpenID Attribute Exchange. These rich data fields can be used to help streamline registration for new users visiting your site.

2) Support for a user friendly popup based sign-in experience. This flow is a product of the OpenID User Experience Working Group, and keeps the sign-in process in the context of the current site by opening a small popup window to the provider. The result is a smoother sign-in experience that is easier to understand for users new to third party authentication.

We’ve been working with Google to test out these new features, both of which are now available to RPX based sites. Below is a screenshot of the popup experience, and you can try it out right now at Uservoice. The popup window appears when a user clicks the Google button.

new from google and rpx

Also new in RPX today is support for OpenID immediate mode in our widget. Immediate is a special mode of OpenID that makes the sign-in experience even faster and easier for returning users. If a user has already chosen to “remember the approval” for your website, immediate mode makes it so that the decision can be asserted on behalf of the user without redirecting the window to their provider. Facebook recently announced that will be using immediate mode to help returning users sign-in to, and that same technology is now available instantly to every RPX customer. The user simply clicks the “Sign-in” button, and without leaving the current site they are signed in.

Technologies that power the web are constantly in flux. APIs, protocols, and user interface best practices are contantly changing and improving, and it can be a challenge to keep up with the latest technology from each provider.

Our mission with RPX is to help users get signed in to your website quickly and easily. A huge part of fulfilling that goal is making sure you always have access to the best technology available from the OpenID community and the top providers. With our API based software as a service model, when new technologies are released that can improve the sign-in process for your website, we implement them in RPX and they instantly become available for your website.

Immediate mode and the extended Google data fields are now live for every RPX based site. If you are interested in testing out the Google popup support, please email us at Following a short testing period the popup will be automatically turned on for all RPX customers. Additionally, when other OpenID providers come online supporting the new popup experience, they will instantly be enabled in RPX.

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