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New Social Sharing Features Include Pinterest and Google+

By Michael Olson | Posted on April 21, 2014

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The Janrain team has been hard at work, and we are excited to tell you about the launch of new social sharing features that are now available within the Janrain Customer Identity Management platform. We’ve launched the next generation of our social sharing tools to help you amplify brand awareness and generate lots of quality referral traffic from social networks.

Here is a rundown of the new features:

Share to Pinterest and Google+

With more than 600 million combined active users, Pinterest and Google+ have become staples of the social media landscape. Janrain now supports social sharing to both networks. Your website visitors can pin content from your site to any of their Pinterest boards, and automatically cross-post it to Facebook while they’re at it.

Social Sharing Pinterest

Social Sharing Pinterest Board

It’s also easy to share to Google+ as well. Google+ supports a rich set of privacy controls for sharing, enabling consumers to share content publicly, with certain circles of friends, or only with selected friends.

Social Sharing Google

Additional Ways to Share to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Your customers no longer need to approve permissions and connect their social network identity to your site if they want to share content. We now support a simpler way of sharing to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that uses the official share buttons for the most popular social networks. It’s easy for your customers, which means more sharing activity and traffic back to your site or app.

Social Sharing Twitter

Targeted Sharing to Facebook

Have you ever wanted to share content or a certain product you discover with that one friend whose interests match yours? Now you can. Or, to be more precise, your customers can. Janrain already provides the only social sharing solution that enables consumers to share content to selected Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections, or Gmail and Yahoo contacts via direct messages. Now, your customers can share content from your site directly to the timeline of a Facebook friend, creating a more personal, 1:1 style of word of mouth marketing.

Social Sharing Facebook Targeted Share

Redesigned Interface

We’ve refreshed the look and feel with a modern, sleek user interface that renders on the page with no modal overlays needed. When a consumer clicks a share button, a popover-style interface allows her to view and customize the shared message directly within the page:

Social Sharing Facebook2

Share counts are also included to help you and your customers discover which content is most popular.

Flexible Customization and Styling

You can now use CSS classes to add your own custom styling to your social sharing interface. Check it out for yourself by playing with different styling options via the social sharing style guide on our developers site.

Share buttons can render via multiple form factors and orientations – whether via a horizontal or vertical bar, or a drawer that saves real estate on the page by sliding out to reveal social network buttons only when clicked:

Social Sharing Vertical Bar

Social Sharing Horizontal Bar

Social Sharing Drawer Open

Our new social sharing features are available to all Janrain customers today, and they only take a few minutes to implement. To get started, visit our developers site or log in to your Janrain Dashboard  and click the Sharing configuration link from within your application page.

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Michael Olson

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