New Webinar – Getting Personal Without Being Creepy

Have you ever seen something on your computer screen that was so personal, and so perfect, that you thought, “how did they know?”

Sometimes that is a great feeling, because it shows that the company knows you, and wants to deliver something that is just right for you.

Other times, it can feel like a violation because you may not understand why the company is making that recommendation. You might wonder just how much they know about you…

The truth is that customer data can give us the ability to create even more personalized experiences than ever before. But, that means we must be careful to show users personalized information in ways that are sensitive to their needs, and make the experience better – not scarier.

I’ll be hosting a webinar about just this topic: Minority Report Marketing – Creating Personalized Experiences without Being Creepy. Please join me next Wednesday, 10 AM PST/1 PM EST where we will review examples of personalized experiences that run the gamut from delightful to disturbing, and also show you how to identify the opportunities for personalization of your own brand communications.