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The New Zealand Herald Increases Ad Revenue and Engagement through Data

By Alexandra Larralde | Posted on April 29, 2014

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The publishing industry has rapidly evolved in the last few decades, and the amount of content available to consumers across an increasing number of devices has grown exponentially. With so much disruption, it has become more and more challenging for traditional news sources to stay above the fray and keep their audiences engaged. For newspapers, in particular, technology has proven to be a double-edged sword. Although their readers now have access to several news sources across a wide variety of media and platforms, drastically increasing the competition for subscriptions and eyes, these same digital platforms have also enabled newspaper publishers to engage with their audiences in entirely new ways and differentiate on products and services that print could never have made possible.

Janrain customer, The New Zealand Herald, recognized these challenges and knew that maintaining their leading position as the country’s major news outlet would require a cross-device digital experience that put the preferences and convenience of their 2.6 million readers first. By offering traditional and social login, The New Zealand Herald was not only able to offer their visitors value-added services like “News in the Cloud,” but also gain insight from reader profiles in order to offer better-defined audiences to their advertising clients. By improving ad targeting, The New Zealand Herald saw their ad revenue increase 47%—no small amount for an ad-driven business.

Since implementing a streamlined registration and login solution on their digital sites, visits to and reader engagement across all properties increased significantly, including a 23% in weekly unique visitors to their mobile site, and a 30% increase in users who comment on articles.

Read the case study to learn more about their strategy, implementation and results!

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