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No slowing down: Janrain continues to build momentum

By Bryta Schulz | Posted on August 18, 2017

No slowing down: Janrain continues to build momentum

It’s been a whirlwind couple of quarters here at Janrain, with more brands than ever looking to us for help with their identity access management, customer engagement and data privacy needs. It doesn’t look like things are going to slow down anytime soon, either.

To date, our client base has grown to more than 3,400 brands across the globe, representing industries as diverse as media and entertainment, consumer packaged goods and pharmaceuticals. All told, we now reach over 1.5 billion customer identities for our clients, keeping that information secure while opening new possibilities for more targeted and personalized brand engagement.

Janrain leads the way

That may sound like a tall order, but we’re more than up to the task. And many of the industry’s leading analysts agree with us: Forrester, KuppingerCole and TechVision Research have all noted our work in the Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) space in recent months. We’re leading the charge in the CIAM revolution, providing innovative solutions and a comprehensive platform for our clientele. Take a look at what those esteemed institutions have had to say:

Although we’re certainly flattered to receive the recognition, we’re not surprised. We’ve been in the identity access management game long before the term “CIAM” was ever coined, and we’ve been right there as the technology evolved with the digital revolution.

Janrain is ready for GDPR

That, at the end of the day, is the secret to our success. We know when the winds are changing, and we help our clients get ahead of tomorrow’s concerns today. Look no further than the work we’ve done recently to address the EU’s forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation. This is a landmark change in data privacy guidelines, and so far, many companies are not prepared to meet those demands without sacrificing their brand engagement strategies.

We’re the very first GDPR-ready CIAM provider, and we are working with our clients to comply with data privacy regulations once GDPR goes into effect. To help them get everything in order before then, we’ve produced a GDPR Readiness and Assessment that can be used to gauge where they currently stand. Of course, we’re always here to help, and we’re happy to assist any of our clients in their efforts to become fully compliant.

Janrain: The global-scale CIAM solution

Our quick response to the GDPR challenge speaks to our global vision. Some companies may look at GDPR and decide that it’s an EU problem for EU-based organizations. We know that’s not true. For our clients that operate on a global scale and do business in international markets, these issues matter and affect the bottom line. Janrain is uniquely positioned to partner with companies that oversee large, complex environments. We’re deployed in more countries than any other CIAM provider out there. In fact, we recently celebrated the two-year anniversary of our platform’s launch in China, which as we all know, requires its own set of regulations to navigate.

We’ve also expanded our own data center footprint to 42 availability zones in 16 different regions across the globe. All told, Janrain is supported by more than 200 data centers worldwide. That level of infrastructure redundancy is essential to providing the quality of service expected by our enterprise-level clientele. Just this past May, we achieved the vaunted “five nines” of uptime, meaning our systems – and by extension, our clients – enjoy 99.999 percent availability at all times.

But the digital landscape will continue to change, and new challenges will arise. At Janrain, we’re always working to stay one or two steps ahead of the industry, ready to help our clients with the issues of both today and tomorrow. No other CIAM provider can offer that, because no other company has Janrain’s vision. We always keep our eyes on the horizon, and we’re always ready to take our clients to new heights of success.

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VP, Marketing

As Vice President of Marketing, Bryta Schulz leads Janrain’s global marketing initiatives. Schulz brings 20+ years of experience marketing innovative enterprise, software as a service (SaaS), security and payments solutions. She has held positions at a number of top global technology companies including Xerox, RSA, Symantec and Thales. Schulz is a senior marketing, product and go-to-market executive with a record of driving product adoption, revenue and shareholder value at both early stage and publicly traded companies. Prior to Janrain, Schulz was the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Vindicia, where she was a key member of the management team, successfully driving rapid growth of the sales pipeline and spearheading the company’s global expansion. Schulz holds a Master of Arts in Translation from the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Reutlingen.

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