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Online magazine Slate uses Janrain Identity Cloud® to boost reader engagement

By Suzanne Balter | Posted on October 02, 2017

Online magazine Slate uses Janrain Identity Cloud® to boost reader engagement

Are your registration processes working for or against you?

It’s a question organizations are asking themselves, with many largely viewing registration as an IT concern. However, registration is a critical facet of the digital experience, and it can significantly add to – or detract from – overall user engagement.

No businesses understand the importance of online engagement quite like media companies such as Slate. They operate in a crowded market space, and it doesn’t take much to turn away long-time readers. Don’t believe us? Just do a quick search for #avclub on Twitter and take a look at the overwhelmingly negative response to The A.V. Club’s recent format change.

Thanks to mobile devices, social media networks and other platforms, online readers have more ways to access digital magazines than ever before – and it’s up to those publications to make engagement as smooth and effortless as possible. A 2014 Salesforce survey of mobile user behavior discovered that 83 percent of consumers considered a seamless brand experience, regardless of device or platform, as “somewhat or very” important.

Accounting for all possible touchpoints is a major challenge, but one worth facing head-on. According to a 2014 AppDynamics study, 86 percent of participants removed a mobile app due to poor performance. To excel in the digital age, organizations need to ensure that every touchpoint and interface has been optimized to encourage stronger engagement.

Better identity management leads to stronger engagement

Slate decision-makers keenly grasped the importance of a unified digital experience, supporting seamless user navigation between various platforms. In particular, the publication needed to incorporate social login into its registration process to facilitate lightning-fast account access and remove potential hurdles for its readers. This is easier said than done, considering that one person could have numerous online identities spread across several social networks and platforms.

Legacy systems are unlikely to effectively handle such complex identity access management needs. That was certainly the case for Slate, but Janrain was there to help the media company find a better way forward.

By working with Janrain and implementing our best-in-class customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution, Slate has made it easier than ever for readers to log into their accounts and take part in the publication’s extensive online community. Moreover, since overhauling the registration process to incorporate time-saving shortcuts like social login, Slate has seen a 33 percent increase in its number of new users.

CIAM has also opened up new opportunities for Slate to better understand its target audience, create more defined customer personas and improve outreach efforts to expand its membership program.

Working with Janrain has proven to be a major success for Slate, and that partnership has helped position the esteemed media company for long-term growth and prosperity. To find out more, be sure to read the full success story here.

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