Online Retailers Look to Janrain for Enhanced Customer Login and Engagement

Today we announced four major e-commerce related sites have selected JanRain RPX to enable third-party authentication for consumers visiting their Websites. Sears, Diesel, RedPlum, and have all implemented JanRain’s SaaS offering to enable customers to easily login through a third-party identity provider including Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, AOL and many others.

The retail client adoptions are indicative of a trend we are seeing in the market as login, registration and publishing to the social networks become increasingly important to the growing online retail channel.

“Major retailers are really beginning to see the benefits of user-managed identity and are turning to JanRain to provide an innovative and robust solution that allows them to learn more about their customers to better engage with them,” said Brian Kissel, CEO, JanRain. “The diversity of clients within this industry shows the relevance of a third party login solution across the retail sector. Each of the customers we are highlighting today is leader within a specific part of the retail market.”

Sears works with JanRain’s RPX to provide better convenience and choice to their customers. Diesel, and internet retailers specializing in coupons, and RedPlum, now enable third party authentication via RPX to streamline the user experience.

“We selected JanRain to bolster user engagement on the site and saw our sign-up rate double within days of installation,” said Pete Mauro, Head of Product Management at “Working with JanRain allows us to provide our users with a full range of options. If we had chosen to support only one or two providers, we would have missed some great opportunities to serve our community.”

Learn more about how JanRain is working with retailers from an article recently published on Internet Retailer.