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OpenID Case Studies Highlight Website Benefits from Accepting OpenID

By Janrain Team | Posted on December 22, 2008

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What do a social news and content aggregator, a map-based real estate listing service, and a programmer collaboration and community website have in common? They are all innovators in their fields who have implemented OpenID as a single sign-on (SSO) method for their users and seen a significant increase in new registrations and improved login for repeat visitors. These three organizations had clear website objectives such as growing an audience, make it faster for prospective customers to register, and improving the return visit login experience. The results from launching OpenID on their websites are very compelling….

  • "We deployed OpenID in January of this year and saw registrations increase by 200%. Currently about 25% of our registrations occur via OpenID."
  • "We've seen a ten-fold increase in registrations via OpenID and third party services"

Learn about their experiences first hand in short case studies for these three market leading organizations. As you consider implementing OpenID on your website, think about the words of Jeff Atwood, CEO of Stack Overflow: "Here's the question you have to ask yourself: do you really want to be yet another website offering yet another username and password to your users? Or do you want to be part of the solution?" Learn more through these OpenID Case Studies .

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