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OpenID Summit Tokyo: Where Passion for Identity Took the Stage

By Greg Keegstra | Posted on December 16, 2011

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Janrain joined an international contingent of guest speakers that were invited to participate. Nat Sakimura, Shingo Yamanaka and the OpenID Foundation Japan team put together an impressive program featuring both technical and policy discussions, with all presentations translated in real-time in both Japanese and English.

With a commitment to promoting interoperability and enabling technologies, the OpenID Foundation has made a dedicated effort in 2011 to increase international participation and broaden the discussion on the latest use cases, technologies and policies within the global identity ecosystem.

Janrain talked about the evolution of OpenID and consumer use cases. With OpenID technologies now mainstream and serving as an enabling component within the application, identity takes a central role in powering and protecting the consumer experience.

OpenID Tokyo

The conference continues the momentum for launching OpenID Connect as a new standard that leverages the early learnings of OpenID, the identity ecosystem and how users want to participate. Standardizing and innovating around OpenID Connect will open up new use cases around attribute exchange which can further enhance the consumer experience by providing more access, control and trust.

The content and preparation for this event was exceptional and we thank the OpenID Foundation Japan for hosting the event and our colleagues at Google and Microsoft for their roles in sponsoring.

OpenID Tokyo 2

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