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OpenID Updates, IP, Patents, and OSCON, oh my!

By Janrain Team | Posted on July 26, 2007

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Scott Kveton recently posted a good article about OpenID IP and Patent concerns on his blog. For anyone who has been following OpenID this is a worthwhile read.

David Recordon and Simon Willison gave an excellent OpenID Bootcamp tutorial at OSCON. Slides can be found up at .

Then, later on that same day, David and Simon joined Tim O’Reilly as a part of the Radar Executive Briefing and discussed OpenID , the briefing ended with a positive statement from Tim regarding OpenID being one of the technologies to really pay attention to this year.

Of course we agree, and want to get our prediction in now that there will be over 600 million OpenID users by the end of 2007…

In related news David Recordon won Google’s prestigious “Best Strategist” open source award for his work on OpenID and the OpenID Foundation awards first code bounties.

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