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OpenID User Experience Summit at Sears

By Janrain Team | Posted on February 04, 2010

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We’re excited to be participating in the third OpenID User Experience Summit being co-hosted by Sears and the OpenID Foundation later this month at Sears’ headquarters in Chicago. As you may recall there have been OpenID UX summits at Yahoo and Facebook in the past, but this is the first event in the Midwest and hosted by a major retailer.

You can read more about the event on the OpenID wiki.

We’re especially excited that there will be nearly 50 participants in this event from organizations including:

Sears, Universal Music Group, NPR, PBS, Fox News, Tribune, Kodak, Meredith, MTV, AARP, OpenTable, Scout24/Deutsche Telekom,, Republican National Committee, TwitterFeed, Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, PayPal, Facebook, MySpace, JanRain, WetPaint, Pluck, Viewpoints, Rainbow Media, NRI, Verisign, ExactTarget, Kantara ULX WG, Echo & Data Portability Project, and others.

As with prior events, the topics being discussed were determined by the participants, so we hope this will prove to be an interesting and informative session. Here’s a summary of what will be covered:

  • Update from major Identity Providers on OpenID plans for 2010: Joseph Smarr (Google), Allen Tom (Yahoo), Monica Keller (MySpace), Andrew Nash (PayPal), Angus Logan (Microsoft), David Recordon (Facebook). Tentative: George Fletcher (AOL), Nico Popp (Verisign)
  • How to drive adoption & usage of OpenID and the resulting business & end user benefits: Brian Ellin (JanRain) – lessons learned over the past three years implementing OpenID
  • Input from Website Operators on how UX should evolve and goals behind those suggested enhancements: Rob Harles (Sears) & Daniel Jacobson (NPR) will facilitate a discussion and generate feedback from participating RPs to the OpenID Foundation and OPs.
  • User experience flows for “OpenID Connect,” lessons learned from Facebook – David Recordon (Facebook)
  • OpenID best practices including account recovery/reset, attaching multiple identifiers, mobile authentication, using WebFinger, etc. – Allen Tom (Yahoo)
  • Data Management: update on SREG, AX, OAuth, WRAP, Portable Contacts, and Activity Streams – Joseph Smarr (formerly CTO of Plaxo, now at Google)
  • Update from participating Website Operators on OpenID plans for 2010 – All RPs present who want to share some future thoughts and plans

We look forward to the feedback and insights from this event, and will be providing our summary of the take away messages on this blog, so please stay tuned…

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