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Our Social Engagement Platform Is Joining Forces with Janrain

By Janrain Team | Posted on December 16, 2014

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The opportunity to shape the rapidly evolving digital landscape for enterprises has never been greater. In order to realize the full potential of the opportunity in front of us, I am excited to announce that Arktan has joined forces with Janrain. This is a strategic decision by both companies wherein the acquisition of Arktan by Janrain allows bringing an integrated customer engagement and identity platform to a rapidly expanding market to meet growing customer needs.

The entire Arktan team is now part of the newly-formed Janrain Customer Engagement Business Unit that I am heading.

Arktan has now entered the next growth phase in the company’s history in what has been an incredible journey. We shipped and deployed our first product in 2011 with the vision of creating a holistic social engagement platform. The market back then was in its infancy. We have since then shipped multiple products and powered social experiences for some of the world’s largest brands, including Turner, Sony Music, WWE, and Walmart. In the process we have helped shape an entire industry.

The success of our technology has been built around our ability to innovate rapidly in collaboration with our customers. Our growth has been fueled by enterprises who are increasingly looking to engage their customers across all possible touchpoints. Arktan’s technology is built to meet these needs and provides unparalleled flexibility for user engagement solutions. In 2013 alone the Arktan platform powered over 12 billion API calls and curated over 10 billion social posts and comments.

We achieved this success through organic growth, with no outside investment. Now, it’s the right time for us to significantly accelerate our growth, scale our market adoption, and do so while continuing to keep our customer-focused culture and innovation at the forefront.

Joining forces with Janrain allows us to do this. We have worked with the Janrain team over the past couple of years and share tremendous synergy and common values. Janrain’s customer identity platform has been adopted globally by the largest enterprises. The Janrain team also has great understanding of SaaS technology and business focused on solving the needs of global brands. This will help accelerate the customer adoption of the combined platforms.

Integrating the Arktan and Janrain platforms will give enterprises an integrated customer engagement and identity solution today. As we integrate the user activity data from the Arktan platform with the customer profile data from the Janrain platform to provide actionable customer insights, we continue our course of industry-leading innovation. We share this vision with the Janrain team and that truly excites us.

I would like to thank our customers who have placed their faith in us and have given us the opportunity to collaborate and innovate with them over the years. As part of the Janrain team we are excited to continue solving challenging technology problems that will help our customers’ businesses, as we continue to place the success of our existing and new customers first.

To learn more about the acquisition, you can read the official announcement on Janrain’s site and our joint press release.

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