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Patriots Pulse Brings Social to NFL Playoffs

By Sirpa Aggarwal | Posted on January 13, 2014

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The NFL playoff game between New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts took place on Saturday. While waiting for the live broadcast to start on TV, Patriots fans were getting the real-time pulse of the social web conversation on the Patriots Pulse social hub.

Patriots Pulse extended curated real-time social content with the hashtag #PatriotsTalk from the social web for fan interaction before, during, and after the game.


The site’s posts per minute bar graph displayed a dynamic, real-time visualization of the social web conversation from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, showing total posts per minute with auto-refresh.

The fans were able to see in real time where the most social buzz was taking place at any point during the game, as well as all the spikes in the social web conversation, such as during breaking news, and touchdowns.

The posts per minute were in the range of 100 throughout the day, but increased significantly once the game started, and shot up after the touchdowns. The fourth quarter fourth touchdown by LeGarrette Blount sent the posts per minute soaring to over 200.


The trending topics and the trending lists with auto-refresh were giving fans the most up-to-date view of what players and topics were trending.

All the trending topics and trending players were clickable, allowing fans to use them as a discovery tool to explore deeper layers of social conversation about the trending entities.

Tom Brady made NFL history with his 25th career playoff game, and again later in the game by becoming the first QB in NFL history to reach 6,000 postseason passing yards. He dominated both the trending topics and the trending players charts.


Among other players, who shared the trending spotlight, was Stevan Ridley, whose second quarter touchdown made him the second-highest trending player right after Brady, and increased mentions about him on Twitter by over 10-fold compared to the start of game.

The charts below show how the players trended at the start and at the end of the game.


The site’s Power Hour measured the total Twitter mentions about the Patriots and the Colts. The mentions were pretty evenly split between the two teams throughout the game, but the Patriots finally managed to twist the meter in their favor after their victory.


#PatriotsTalk will continue on Patriots Pulse, while the excited fans are getting ready for the AFC Championship game between the Patriots and the Broncos.

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