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Pibb Permalinks and RSS Feeds Now Available

By Janrain Team | Posted on June 25, 2007

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This is just a quick note to let everyone know that Pibb now supports permalinks to, and RSS feeds from, your favorite Pibb discussions. Using permalinks is easy, if you mouse over the anchor icon or time/date stamp of any post in any thread you will notice that the post has a link associated with it.

pibb discussion archieve

The link is permanent, and when clicked on will take you directly to the specific post. As an example, if you click on this link you will be taken directly to my thread in the ‘Pibb Discussion’channel where permalinks and RSS feeds are announced. Since all posts in Pibb are automatically and permanently archived every post has a permalink associated with it. This makes it easy to bookmark where you left off in a conversation, or send a friend to the relevant post right away.

It is also now possible to subscribe to a channel on Pibb and keep up to date with all the latest conversations using your favorite RSS reader. Every channel in Pibb has its own RSS feed associated with it. To subscribe to the feed you will need to click on the channel name, which will take you to the dedicated channel landing page where the RSS feed link is shown. For example if I click on ‘Pibb Discussion’ I am taken to the channel’s dedicated landing page which looks like this:

pibb discussion

Copy the ‘RSS Feed‘ link, put it in your RSS reader of choice, and you are ready to go!

More new features are being added every day so please make sure to check back here often.

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