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Plaxo Now Supports OpenID

By Janrain Team | Posted on July 19, 2007

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Plaxo has recently released a beta of Plaxo 3.0 which includes support for OpenID. Plaxo also published an “implementation guide to accelerate its [OpenID] adoption across the industry, available online at” A recipe for OpenID-enabling your site is even provided by Plaxo’s own Joseph Smarr . His blog post explains more about the announcement…

This bit of news has led some to ponder whether Plaxo Could Be the Open Source Facebook .

We would love to see this happen as we just recently have been asked the question “Could OpenID be Our Savior to the Social Network Blues?” Of course our answer was yes, and with Plaxo’s announcement OpenID is one step closer to realizing the potential of portable identity and allowing people to break out of the monolithic identity silos of the past.

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