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Pokémon Go and the Current State of Digital Transformation

By Allison Swaim | Posted on July 27, 2016

Pokémon Go and the Current State of Digital Transformation

In the three weeks since Pokémon Go launched, the game has earned over 26 million daily active users, more than 75 million downloads and generated $35 million in revenue. It’s not hard to see that this is something big. And not just for Nintendo and Pokémon fans. This is huge for digital transformation as it gives a glimpse into how companies can use new technology and data to create personalized, unique experiences for consumers.

Digital transformation has been gaining momentum over the past few years. Airbnb and Uber disrupted the hotel and taxi industries by building online and mobile platforms, while pioneering the sharing economy. These companies, along with many others, have paved the way for innovation and disruptive strategies across all industries.

Innovation and digital transformation is also happening in companies that have existed for decades. For example, Coke launched MyCoke Rewards, mobile applications and other loyalty programs to build a direct connection with customers.

After losing much of its online business to Amazon, Walmart moved into digital transformation and established WalmartLabs, an idea incubator out of Silicon Valley. In 2014, they launched Savings Catcher, an app that scans customer receipts and compares Walmart’s prices to competitive offerings, to keep customers returning to their stores. The app had over 22 million downloads in 2015.

All of these examples go back to what is most important to companies: the consumer. Creating seamless, thoughtful and interesting touch points and digital experiences for customers will drive digital transformation forward and determine which companies move forward in an ever-increasing digital world. Understanding each individual customer and their unique interests is more important than ever.

Pokémon Go gives us a glimpse into the power of individuals in digital transformation. The game encourages users to engage with the real world, while at the same time experiencing an augmented reality. By playing off of millennial nostalgia (yes, that’s really a thing now), offering a free version of the game and creating the game for mobile, they reached an unprecedented number of users.

This leads us to wonder, what does this mean for mass markets? What can brands do to engage with users on this level? How will advertising change? Will there be privacy concerns?

Many of the answers are emerging now and identity is clearly at the center of digital transformation. Converting unknown into known customers, understanding their behaviors across channels, and then creating consolidated customer profiles where you as a marketer can take action is more important than ever. That’s why Janrain is focused on this identity-centric approach that is the key to creating personalized and unique experiences, which will in turn help you maximize your marketing dollars.

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Allison Swaim

As a Customer Success Manager at Janrain, Allison is responsible for aligning and coordinating internal resources to meet and exceed customer goals and objectives. Since joining Janrain in 2014, Allison has built strategic, consultative relationships with stakeholders at key customers, and has an intimate understanding of the business and technical objectives that drive customer identity programs. Allison has a bachelor of arts in International / Global Studies from Portland State University, and speaks four languages.

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