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Popular Social Networking Software SocialEngine Integrates Janrain Social Login

By Gina Rau | Posted on February 24, 2012

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We are happy to announce our latest partnership. SocialEngine, a powerful software that allows users to create their own social networking websites like Facebook and Myspace. As reported on their blog, SocialEngine has fully integrated Janrain social login into its community platform as a native feature, allowing its customers to enable social login from 20+ identity providers for their members.

SocialEngine, who recently finished the TechStars Boulder accelerator program, has chosen to integrate the Janrain social login feature in direct response to feedback from their customers to offer a more streamlined registration and login process. As they put it, “One of the most common requests we’ve received in the past was for native social login features. Anyone that wants to build an online community obviously wants their signup and login flows to be as frictionless as possible. We didn’t want to reinvent the wheel, so we reached out to Janrain to discuss a partnership. The Janrain team was awesome to work with and very collaborative as we built out the integration”.

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Alex Benzer, Co-Founder of SocialEngine, said this on choosing Janrain as a partner, “Janrain is indisputably the best option for adding social login functionality into any website with ease. Integrating Janrain with SocialEngine was a no-brainer for our team. We were really impressed with the great analytics that come along with the plug-and-play social login features. Our customers are focused on creating unique social experiences and I’m positive Janrain will help them do just that.”

SocialEngine joins other leading community platforms and technology providers in Janrain’s Partner Program to leverage our industry leading user management platform so they can enhance the social engagement features for their own customers.

Activating Janrain social login in SocialEngine can be completed in a few easy steps. For more on setting up Janrain, watch this video or read the tutorial.

For more information about SocialEngine, visit their official website.

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