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Providence Nightlife Sees 50% Increase in Registrations after deploying RPX

By Michael Olson | Posted on October 15, 2009

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Providence Nightlife is a user-generated local business ratings and reviews social network. Jared Watson operates the website.

Jared, why did Providence Nightlife decide to add registration and login supportfor third party identities from Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, MySpace and AOL?

We initially decided to accept third party identities because there was a lack of profile information provided by our users upon registering on our site.Our users were only offering a minimal amount of data required to access the site. We were not getting the rich profile information we wanted, such as location, gender, and the all important profile picture.

Why did you choose RPX?

We chose RPX because of its smooth interface and easy installation. Our website is powered by a team of marketing professionals with limited programming knowledge. RPX made it quick and easy to get started accepting identities from Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Google, Yahoo and AOL, with detailed instructions and great customer support.

Registering with our site is now as easy as picking a preferred identity provider:

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Did your team know how you would measure success?

A local social networking site like ours requires user interaction to survive and become popular. We were primarily interested in quickly gaining a richer set of user profile data and accessing user profile photos to make the site more appealing for potential new users. We look at our site like a real world establishment – if there is no activity inside, customers keep on walking.However, if there is a lot happening, they will come inside to look around.

What results did you achieve after deploying RPX?

During the last month since deploying RPX, we have seen a 1000% increase in profile photos being uploaded to the site. This is a direct result of enabling Twitter, Facebook, & MySpace logins through RPX. The increase in user profile data has also resulted in a 50% increase in registrations, 80% of which are through a third party account with RPX. Password resets have been nearly eliminated, and I have had many people comment on how much easier it is to sign in with an existing account from a major identity provider rather than needing to remember yet another user name and password.

Beyond increased registrations and rich user profile data, what additional benefits have you experienced?

We recently implemented the RPX social publishing feature to allow our users to share reviews and events on our site with their friends on social networks like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, and are already seeing our hits increase as a result. Not only does this feature increase traffic for our site but it generates buzz about our brand on the biggest websites in the world.

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